O Holy Night (Easter Version)

If you’re looking for hymns to use over the Easter season this might be of interest to you. An re-working of the classic Christmas carol ‘O Holy Night’ telling the Easter story.

Bb        Bb/D         Eb                        Bb
O holy night, the stars above are hiding
                                   F                    Bb
This is the night of our Saviour’s betrayal.
Bb                       Bb/D         Eb            Bb
Crushed by the weight of Calvary arriving
                  Dm                 A7               Dm
He faces death at the end of this trail.
        Cm                                  Bb
The sweat of stress, now mixed with blood of anguish,
F/A                             Bb
Running down the face of God the Son.

Gm                 Dm
Christ on his knees
          Cm                        Gm
With God the Father pleading
        Bb   F/A   Bb/D   Eb       Bb             F            Bb
Imm  –  an  –  uel.         Our God; our grief he shares
      F/A   Bb/D   Eb          Bb    F                    Bb
Imman  –  uel.         Our God; our grief he shares

Soldiers approach; with chains they come to bind him
Their weapons drawn, aimed toward the Prince of peace
Judas, his friend, by circumstances blinded,
Comes close to Christ and betrays him with a kiss
The Saviours’ heart, now aching more severely;
A sign of love inflicts a wound so deep
Christ on his knees
Denied his every freedom
Immanuel. Our God; our grief he shares
Immanuel. Our God; our grief he bears

Innocent Lamb, is tried like an offender –
‘Midst accusations; stood silent, pure and still.
Jesus the LORD in ultimate surrender
His mind is set to fulfil the Father’s will;
His wounds would heal the hurts of all creation
His death the perfect sacrifice for all
Fall on your knees
And praise our great Redeemer!
Immanuel. Our God; is raised to life
Immanuel. Our God; he reigns on high

Words and Arr. Jimmy Orr ©2011


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